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50 Hz. or 60 Hz. System? Arc Flash Studies

Discussion in 'Question of the Week - What Do You Think?' started by Jim Phillips (brainfiller), Oct 14, 2012.

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What frequency is your electrical system?

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. IEEE 1584 is used globally and is valid for both 50 Hz 60 Hz electrical systems. Since this is a global forum and both frequencies are found throughout the world, here is this week's question:

    What frequency is your electrical system?
    • 50 Hz
    • 60 Hz
    • Something else
  2. jvrielink Junior Level

    50 Hz almost all of the time. Once I encountered a interesting setup where UPS's acted as loads for other UPS's (to be load tested) that fed back into the supply. As a bonus these could be operating either at 50 or 60Hz. To be fair, frequency was the last of my headaches there.
  3. Larry Stutts Junior Level

    The system at our facility is 60Hz, but we have customers all over the world and many of them have 50Hz systems. We deal with variable speed controls so in many cases it does not matter what frequency is coming into the converter, what is more important is what the frequency rating of the motor is.
  4. Richard Height Junior Level

    Hi Jim,
    In the UK we are obviously on 50Hz, but we do have 208v Ph-Ph (115v Ph-N) 400Hz systems. Are the arc flash calculations still valid?
    Thanks Rich
  5. AB P.E. Sparks Level

    I work on equipment that is sold to 50Hz and 60Hz sites, so I do both. And loads that can be specifically AC or DC. SKM Power*Tools accomodates the frequency selection easily enough.

    So I'm not voting, unless I vote twice or select "something else".
  6. Larry Stutts Junior Level

    I considerred "something else" as well since our equipment is sold to 50Hz and 60Hz sites as well as to sites that convert DC from solar, wind, or wave power generation to AC grid power.
  7. This week's question is set up for multiple answers so selecting 50 and 60 Hz. can be done.

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