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Arc Flash Boots

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jason D, May 2, 2012.

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  1. Jason D Junior Level

    I need info on Arc Flash Boots. We were just told that we are now required to supply and wear Arc Flash Boots. I have searched and can't find any.....any suggestions?
  2. JBD Sparks Level

    Never seen anything like 'arc flash boots'. NFPA 70E 130.7(10)(e) accepts 'heavy duty leather work shoes'.
    However, there are electrical hazard (EH) rated boots.
  3. Lizanne Scholtz Junior Level

  4. Lizanne Scholtz Junior Level


    I might have a solution for the problem.

    The Charnaud E20300® is a new product introduced by A J Charnaud & Co (Pty) Ltd.

    Users who have experienced the Charnaud E20300® describe it as being: "comparatively light and comfortable". The non-metallic work boot has a breathable lining and ergonomic design for continuous comfort, with heat-resistant sole system along with in-sock antistatic and antibacterial treatment,

    Apart from the CE mark, the E20300®meets the current requirements from EN ISO 20345:2007 E P FO WRU HRO SRA, EH (Electric Shock Resistant to 20kV, Test Method ASTM F2412-05 :2005 mod), and ISO 9001:2008.
  5. elihuiv Sparks Level

    I have tested many shoes and boots for arc flash but there is NO standard to do this and no requirement. The issue is that the requirement says "heavy duty leather work shoe" and recommends EH or DI rated depending on the work situation. DI is NEVER a "leather" shoe (but the one I have tested does well in arc up to 40 cal. Other types of shoes would need to be approved by the AHJ if they are not EH and leather or DI. Let me know if I can help.
  6. Trevor Nightingale Junior Level

    Respirex manufacture Dielectric boots that have been unofficially tested for Arc Flash and have a rating of 40 KCal.
  7. elihuiv Sparks Level

    If your boots were tested, it would be 40 cal/cm2. This is unlikely a rating. I have never done a rating on boots. I and Kinectrics have done a test or two. Ratings are a probabality of a protective value, a failure point or an ignition point. Look at your report to be sure you have the right terms. Most likely you had a test at 40 cal/cm2 and the boots did not ignite. That's about the best we can do. I think North/Salisbury has a DI boot which was also tested once at 40 cal/cm2 without ignition. This gives folks two options for DI. Other shoes would be evaluated by the AHJ or tested. No standard and unlikely to be one anytime soon.
  8. Trevor Nightingale Junior Level

    Jason please contact me at Respirex if you need help I am a fully qualified Chemist who has spent 20 years developing Insulating Footwear, I am also a member of the CEN footwear committee developing safety footwear standards. Respirex have an insulating boot CE marked capable of withstanding over 35 KV. This is an injection moulded boot with steel toe cap plus a slip and cut resistant Vulcanised Rubber sole. As I said we have some initial arc flash data, the boot does not ignite or melt during the test. We are doing further testing and would like to discuss your application.

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