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Arc Flash Data Collection Form

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Flemdog186, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Flemdog186 Junior Level

    Would anyone mind sharing a good data collection form that will assist in being sure that all necessary info is obtained from the site.

  2. jvrielink Junior Level

    The IEEE Std 1584 has a list of data you typically need for an arc flash study in the annex. Brainfiller's book also contains a chapter on doing data collection, including helpful tips for when you cannot get it all in one go. Making a form can be easily done in Excel: based on the oneline, put all the components in the rows and data you need in the columns.
  3. Flemdog186 Junior Level

  4. Bryan Rupert Junior Level

    Facility Results offer the premier arc flash data gathering software tool. It is called FlashTrack. It is simple to use and improves the data collection process, label installation and change management process.
    FlashTrack works well with SKM, EasyPower, ETap and others. When collecting the data it creates a valuable one-line, label installation report that includes photos and fully catalogs

    Just Google "flashtrack data collection" and it will pop up.
  5. arcad Junior Level

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