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Barricades per NFPA 70E 130.7(E)(2)

Discussion in 'Question of the Week - What Do You Think?' started by Jim Phillips (brainfiller), Jul 29, 2012.

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What type of barricades do you use to restrict access to work areas? (select all that apply)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Section 130.7(E)(2) of NFPA 70E states: "Barricades shall be used in conjunction with safety signs where it is necessary to prevent or limit employee access to work areas containing energized conductors or circuit parts"

    This week's question:

    What type of barricades do you use to restrict access to work areas? (select all that apply)
    • Cones
    • Caution/Warning tape
    • Keep people out of electrical room during live work
    • Something else - we'd love to hear about it
    • None
  2. mvan Junior Level

    most of our mcc's and substations are out in the plant, we do not have electrical rooms, so when we are doing electrical work we are in high traffic areas. so we bought retractable 25 ' caution tape, mounted magnets on back of unit so we can move them as needed and they are kept on our remote racking cart. for storage and easy access.
  3. Gary B Sparks Level

    Voted all of the above because cones, tape and limited access are all used. However, this is on a controlled site, with not access by the public, and well acquainted with radioactive NDE work so barrier tape gets a lot of respect.

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